Monday, September 25, 2023

What Are The Top Quad Bike Riding Tips And Tricks For Tourists In Santorini?


When the context is about exploring Santorini, there is nothing better than a rental quad bike. Quad bikes, also known as, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), operate on low-pressure tires. Quads are designed to tackle a variety of challenges associated with terrains that other vehicles cannot.

Santorini is most famous for its beautiful sunsets and long volcanic beaches. And the best way to explore the unique features of this island is by renting a quad motorcycle. While riding a quad, you should be careful not to tip over.

Rental quads are meant to provide you with a feeling of freedom while following the less accessible roads outdoors. You can travel faster and further with a quad while on Santorini. Here are some of the common tips and tricks to know while riding a rental quad in Santorini.

It is a Fun Experience to Ride a Quad

Usually, quads can easily sit two people. Therefore, you can make your quad ride more worthwhile with your partner. You can also rent a quad bike and take your partner to the town of Oia in Greece. It is one of the most picturesque places in all of Greece.

But before embarking on a quad bike tour, ensure that you’re aware of the riding tips and tricks. Before selecting a quad bike rental Santorini, ensure that you’ve good quality safety gear and equipment.

Be Aware of Throttle Control

When the context is about riding ATVs, it is pretty standard for you to accelerate across the streets of Santorini. However, you should never treat the quad like a car. ATVs typically come with a thumb throttle. Moreover, most of them have an automatic clutch. That’s why you should never throttle too much while riding on a busy street. Quad bikes can easily get flipped if you are not careful with throttle control.

Personal Protective Gear

Always remember that quad bikes don’t come with a cab or roll bars. Therefore, your only protection is what you wear. It is essential to invest in good hair protection while riding an ATV. So, while renting a quad bike in Santorini, always ask for a helmet. The helmets should have a chinstrap and be manufactured in accordance with EN/BS standards.

Proper Riding Techniques

One of the most common issues while riding a quad for the first time is starting from a stop. To start, you should put the vehicle in neutral and pull the clutch lever. Activate the gear properly to avoid overspeeding. Ensure to track the RPM meter and shift the gear accordingly. You can also rent a scooter in Santorini to navigate its narrow streets and bylanes.

The Importance of Suitable Tires

If you are planning to ride on uneven terrain, ensure that you have properly inflated tires. Ensuring you have the correct tires fitted is crucial to quad bike safety. Inflate the tires based on the recommended PSI levels. The last thing you want while riding an ATV in Santorini is a flat tire.

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