Monday, September 25, 2023

Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Tokyo


One of the best things to do in Tokyo is visit Studio Ghibli Museum, where you can watch Miyazaki’s animation come to life. Please book this experience well in advance!

Shibuya is known for its bustling crosswalk, where peak times see over 3,000 people pass each hour. But this area also offers many other attractions, including Takeshita Street – a teenage fashion street. Many Cathay Pacific flights are now available, including Perth to Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower

Built in 1958 as a replica of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the Tokyo replica serves both practical and tourist purposes. Primarily it supports National Broadcasting Company of Japan’s radio and television antennas while its two observation decks at 150 and 250 meters above ground provide breathtaking panoramic views of Tokyo’s sprawling urban sprawl; on clear days visitors may even catch sight of Mount Fuji or other distant landmarks.

Reaching Tokyo Tower is simple: the station for Tokyo Tower can be found on both Mita Subway Line stations at Onarimon and Kamiyacho on Hibiya Subway Line – making it easily accessible from most parts of downtown Tokyo. JR Yamanote Line also stops nearby at Hamamatsucho but takes slightly longer.

Once inside, there’s plenty to do once inside the tower. Reaching the main observatory by elevator or 600-step staircase (both paid) provides breathtaking cityscape views; in addition there are lookdown windows in the floor where visitors can stand, shops, and restaurants; on top floor of tower is Club 333 where patrons can listen to music while taking in its breathtaking panoramas.

Tokyo Tower’s best time of day to visit is at night when its lights change from cool white to warm orange depending on the season, as well as illuminated for special events like New Year, Valentine’s Day or soccer games.

Noppon Brothers, Tokyo Tower mascots, are usually present to interact with visitors and pose for photographs – you might even get lucky enough to pet one! A special highlight during summer season is “Milky Way Running,” an illumination event which uses projection mapping technology combined with Tokyo Tower’s urban nightscape for an amazing visual treat – definitely something visitors should see if visiting during that period!

Shibuya Scramble Square

Shibuya Scramble Square, one of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks, should not be missed during any trip to this vibrant city. Situated directly beside Hachiko statue and instantly recognisable due to movies and TV shows featuring it as well as being filled with four-way crossings featuring cherry blossom trees (Sakuragaokacho Ying Qiu Ting) that line its sidewalk – often their branches touching for hundreds of meters! Also, people watching is great here during spring when many thousands of them line its sidewalk lining both four ways crossings!

The first floor of this building features an elegant shopping area packed with prestigious international and Japan-exclusive brands, from Kate Spade and Swaroski bags to competitively priced shoes at ABC Mart and charming accessories from A-Jolie. There are even restaurants here such as former model Hiroko Hayashi’s restaurant or ITO EN which has attracted global fans.

On the 14th floor you can purchase tickets for Shibuya Sky – an unparalleled observation deck situated across three floors 45th, 46th and 47th of this building that offers spectacular 360deg views of Shibuya as well as surrounding cityscape! Once up there you will enjoy the most unforgettable 360 degree panorama imaginable!

Shibuya Sky offers an all-around view, unlike many of Japan’s other observation decks that only permit visitors to witness the city from certain angles. Tickets cost 2,000 yen, so why not visit at least once to enjoy its breathtaking landscape!

Make sure to head up to the 46th floor and visit the Sky Gallery – here, you will find souvenirs for loved ones back home, in addition to lounge spaces and restaurants to help relax after exploring the shopping district. It is the ideal spot for relaxation after an active day exploring this vibrant metropolis!

Sushi Cooking Class

Sushi is one of the defining dishes of Japanese cuisine. From body-temperature vinegared rice with slices of raw fish on it to decorative sushi rolls that reveal intricate designs when cut, sushi lovers have no shortage of choices when it comes to finding authentic or innovative ways to enjoy their beloved dish. There’s likely a cooking class available in Tokyo which will cater specifically to your interests or teach you the quintessential sushi recipe – you just might find your new favourite way of enjoying sushi!

Cooking classes in Japan can be found both in restaurants and private homes, and may focus on specific regional dishes like okonomiyaki or sashimi. For a truly hands-on experience, Tsukiji Market offers sushi-making lessons taught directly by professional chefs.

Sushi-making classes at Kanazawa Salon’s cooking studio can be tailored specifically to your preferences, with vegetarian and vegan options readily available. Just minutes from Omicho Market and 13 minutes by train from Kanazawa Station.

Cooking Studio also provides lessons in other Japanese foods, including sushi-making. Their fully equipped kitchen can cater for various dietary requirements (kosher and halal diets included). Furthermore, this restaurant supports local producers through seasonal menu offerings.

If you enjoy Japanese sweets, take a wagashi-making class that will teach you to create them at home. These delicate confections can often be made using mochi — rice cakes shaped and colored into various forms — as well as other ingredients. Our cooking school is conveniently located in downtown Tokyo for your convenience!

An easy and fun way to explore Mt Fuji and Hakone without being burdened by transportation or train schedules is with a full-day guided tour from Tokyo. Enjoy comfortable transportation, knowledgeable guide and scenic mountain views on this relaxing journey from central Tokyo. Once picked up from there, hop aboard a cruise around Lake Ashi or Mt Komagatake Ropeway until reaching Mt Fuji’s 5th Station where mountain views await!

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree, one of the newest icons in Tokyo’s skyline, has quickly become a beloved tourist attraction. Boasting two observation decks for breathtaking day and night views, as well as hosting a planetarium and other fun attractions within its confines, this tower has quickly become one of Tokyo’s must-visit tourist spots.

This tower can be found in Sumida City Ward and can be reached via Tokyo Skytree Station and Oshiage Station. Completed in 2012, its stunning addition to Tokyo’s skyline was completed symbolically; Musashi Province once existed here (634 meters is read phonetically as “musashi”).

As soon as you enter, an elevator with transparent doors provides a glimpse of the outside world, then ascend to Tempo Galleria; an ascendable spiral glass skywalk leading you all the way up to its highest floor for breathtaking panoramic views of Tokyo.

On a clear day, Mount Fuji can even be seen! The tower includes a restaurant where visitors can enjoy food and beverages as well as an observatory. Its design was inspired by five-story pagodas found in Japanese temples; each element of its construction can withstand earthquakes or typhoons without becoming compromised by other parts.

At night, Tokyo Skytree is truly magnificent to witness as its tower is illuminated in three distinct hues – changing throughout the year to commemorate special days like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Tokyo Skytree Town, at its base, features an enormous shopping and entertainment complex featuring more than 300 stores, restaurants, facilities (such as planetarium), aquarium and Hello Kitty/Sanrio character merchandise available here! Beer enthusiasts will delight in visiting the World Beer Museum which boasts beers from all around the globe; while Japanese postal mail service history can be explored at Postal Museum; for families traveling with children there’s even a children’s playroom and outdoor terrace!