Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Three Latest Rent Apartments in Houston, Texas


In a single year, a large number of people feel obligated to enter into an apartment lease. Most people tend to lease apartments during winter for enhanced move-in specials and optimal pricing since there are limited movements during this season.

If you are looking for apartments to rent in Houston, TX., new properties are an ideal choice. New properties tend to lease up vacant units much quicker since they are unique in the market. This comes along with new-tenant specials and price points that are more enticing. This article will compile a list of three new apartments in Houston, Texas, plus their respective starting rates and exclusive move-in specials.

The Montrose at Buffalo Bayou (Montrose)

Montrose is among the most sought-after neighborhoods for living in Houston, Texas. It is home to various local eateries and boutiques and hosts apartments with high walkability ratings, including The Montrose at Buffalo Bayou.

The Montrose at Buffalo Bayou is being offered free for two months prorated throughout the lease term. Thus, the studios’ starting rates decrease from $1,800 to $1,500 monthly; one-bedrooms decrease from $1,995 to $1,662 monthly; and two-bedrooms decrease from $3,030 to $2,525 monthly. This is relatively competitive to other nearby properties when regarding price-for-location.

Alta Med Main (Med Center)

Are you willing to live in a 610-loop? Then Alta Med Main is the answer. The apartment can hold individuals for as low as $1k per person. In Alta, studio units start at $905, one-bedroom units at $1,095, and two-bedroom units at $1,922.

This brand new property in Med Center has attractive finishes and features like a two-story gym with Echelon Mirror, chef-inspired kitchens, sky lounge, and solar shade window treatments. Also. Alta Med Main is offering a free 6-months trial for the Wizz Cribs package. The package includes a smart thermostat, light switches, plugs, and a voice assistant ($35/monthly value).

The property is close to the NRG Stadium and the Main and Old Spanish Trail. Considering its price as a new property, it is among the best apartments for rent in Houston, TX.

Taylor Heights (Lower Heights)

Taylor Heights sits between Downtown Houston and Washington Ave, backing up to Sawyer Yards and Buffbrew. For in-unit finishes, the tenants are privileged to choose a finishing style, whether white or grey. This depends on the floor plan that the tenants want. Currently, Taylor Heights is running various move-in specials that can help you to save up to $300 of your rent each month.

For move-in specials, studio units starting rates are $1,205, while one-bedroom units start at $1,354. A two-bedroom unit starts at approximately $2,193. Since a division of Lennar Homes manages Taylor Heights, as a tenant, you are credited $250 credit for each rent payment made at any LMC property. This is a unique program, especially if you are leasing a home for the first time.


There you have it! The latest and the newest apartments for rent in Houston, Texas. Feel free to choose one of them to enjoy its features. Also, remember to choose an apartment that is affordable in your budgeting.