Sunday, April 21, 2024

The best things to do in Cannes in 2022


Glittering under the Mediterranean sun, the legendary city of Cannes has been oozing glamour and chic decade after decade. It makes one think about Hollywood stars on the red carpet, luxury mega yachts, lavish supercars, vibrant nightlife, stylish boulevards, elegant Belle Epoque hotels and charming Mediterranean culture and cuisine.

To welcome travellers it has the Nice Airport just 30 minutes away, and two ports inside the city to dock the boat. And to accommodate them it’s known to be surrounded by exceptional canne villas for rent varying in size, amount of amenities, and prices requested. Let’s go!

La Croisette 

Probably the most fashionable street on the whole Cote d’Azur, this palm-lined boulevard of 1.6km in seafront length is something you should start with. La Croisette stretches all the way up to the Palais des Festivals, a building that is known worldwide thanks to the Cannes Film Festival, a prestigious event in the world of cinema that dates back to 1946.

Apart from being dotted with luxury hotels, designer boutiques, and casinos, La Croisette is full of legendary private beach clubs, such as Carlton, La Mome, and Martinez. This is a great opportunity to soak up the sun while having a glass of champagne and enjoying the vibes of a DJ. 

Le Suquet 

Le Suquet district is the oldest area of the city. It represents the original fishing village of Cannes, built in its turn on the ruins of an ancient Roman site. Nestled In a picturesque hillside setting above the Old Port, this place offers breathtaking views over the Bay of Cannes, as well as old-times charm, giving the idea of how Cannes might have looked a couple of centuries ago. 

While strolling the streets you will inevitably find the 11th-century iconic tower, Tour du Mont Chevalier, and the old church Eglise du Suquet. Getting on top of the watchtower and enjoying stunning panoramic views on the city of Cannes and two Lérins islands is an absolute must-do. This opportunity gets even more special during the summer weekends, as it is an unmatched spot to overwatch a Firework Festival.

Îles des Lérins

Île Sainte-Marguerite and Île Saint Honorat are the two Lérins islands located right in front of Cannes. The first, largest and closest one is known thanks to the Royal Fort, a prison that housed such mysterious guests as the Man in the Iron Mask. The rest of the island is covered in a wonderful aromatic forest with umbrella pines and eucalyptus trees

The neighbouring Île Saint Honorat is home to an abbey founded in 410, which made it a pilgrimage site for 1,600 years. Now the local Cistercian monks still live there, producing and selling homemade honey and wine under a vow of silence. And, while both Islands are perfect for a day retreat, Île Saint Honorat would be a better choice if you want a summer party vibe, as it holds a place that is seen all over social media every summer. La Guéritte, only accessible by boat is the perfect place to sunbathe, eat, drink, dance, and chat with people from the beau monde of the French Riviera.