Monday, September 25, 2023

London Holiday Tips: 8 Savory Breakfast Dishes To Try Out 


London is a famous and popular place to spend a holiday, thanks to its many attractions. However, your vacation won’t be complete without a delicious breakfast. A hearty, savory breakfast helps you avoid a mid-morning sugar crash and furnishes your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Here are London holiday delectable breakfast dishes to try out

  1. Sweet potato fritters

Sweet potato fritters are a great breakfast dish for your Cotswolds, UK, holiday. The meal has a tasty tower of gluten-free sweet potato, courgette, and feta fritters, and you can serve it with avocado, crispy kale, turmeric yogurt, and poached eggs.

  1. The ostrich Egg    

Though it’s seasonally available during ostrich breeding seasons, the ostrich egg is a great savory breakfast meal. It’s sizzling and shareable, estimated to be the size of twenty-two regular chicken eggs. On one side, you will have the usual trimmings, i.e., Portobello mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, baked beans, Cumberland sausages, and streaky bacon.

  1. Breakfast Sandwich

A breakfast sandwich is an ultimate way to start your day! It consists of eggs, black forest ham/ your preferred ham, cheese, and chives, all wrapped in a perfectly toasted muffin. It is delicious and everything you could ever want for breakfast. You can pair your sandwich with a glass of juice or coffee for an exciting experience.

  1. Ham and cheese scone

Try ham and cheese scones if you’re looking for a simple, easy, savory dish. They are flexible and mess-free, making them perfect for touring. They are made with a lot of butter, making them perfectly delicious to start your day.

  1. Sweet Potato Rosti

You don’t have to eat regular eggs for your holiday breakfast. Instead, try the soul-fulfilling sweet potato rosti. It’s a sweet potato with goat cheese, honey, kale, pine nuts, drill yogurt, and poached eggs. If you want something more delicious, you can try the spicy piggy bun, which consists of a Gochujang-spiced pork patty, chili jam, fried egg, and ginger.

  1. Bacon Naan

Do you want to feel like a real Londoner? Try Bacon Naan! You’ll get light puffy bread surrounding layers of crispy sugar-cured bacon, melted cheese cream, chili tomato jam, and fresh coriander.

  1. Baked egg

Your breakfast round-up needs eggs to be complete. You can dish out a backed egg spiced with tomato, pepper, chickpea ragu, rose harissa, Greek yogurt, parsley, and flatbread. It’s easy and yummy for an early morning feasting to make your day a classic.

  1. Breakfast casserole

Though casserole might sound like a lot of work, a leisurely breakfast casserole is not. It is made with bacon, cheese, eggs, and hash browns, making it quick, simple, and super tasty. Breakfast casserole is fun, and you can put your spin. You can have it as a combo of bacon and eggs or veggies, cheese, and herbs.


A healthy breakfast will boost your energy as you go out to enjoy the many fun activities in London. Touring the city is a perfect opportunity to sample London’s delectable cuisine, so don’t limit yourself. Try the above breakfast ideas and take your vacation experience a notch higher!