Friday, December 8, 2023

All you need to Know about Apostille Service


Have you ever heard of apostille services Queens? If the answer is NO, then this is comprehensive blog is for you. Apostille is a type of authentication authority sent together with other essential documents from a person seeking favor in a foreign country.

For instance, a dual citizenship applicant for a particular country can submit essential records together with an apostille to guarantee authenticity.

Getting an apostille is not a joke, and many people have found it difficult since you have to walk from one office to the other, spend much time, it requires money and even it becomes tiresome. Before we get deep, the apostille services Queens NY has a lot you should know. Take a look.

 Document that needs Apostille

Not all documents need an apostille, and some of the essential documents approved by apostille are records submitted for either dual citizenship, records for ancestors who were both born and died in New York, which are processed at the New York City Department of Health or New York City Municipal Archives.

Moreover, documents such as administrative documents, court documents, notarial acts, birth certificates, death certificates, and divorce decrees certificates  are very essential and they needs apostille.

This is important;

Every New York City apostille department plays different role in the acquisition of apostille. For instance, individuals with documents at the Municipal Archives are likely to know the following:

  • The municipal staff will likely print you letter at a charge of $5
  • When you purchase your record copy, inform the staff by paying $ 11 each this for record keeping purpose
  • Ignore the free handouts from the staff since some of them might provide you false information.

Your country is not a signatory of the Apostille Treaty! What can you do?

This is simple, not all the countries have signed a treaty with an apostle, but if you have any business that needs to be done in another country, it doesn’t mean that it can’t b done.

First, find out from the country’s consulate to get steps to legalize your documents. They will be ready to take you through the process to see your documents recognized internationally.

Simple Steps to get Apostille in NY

NYC has one of the highest demands for apostille requisitions, and this is because the number of incorporated headquarters and nationalities in the city needs apostille services. For you to access to apostille services Queen NY, you must follow some of these essential tips;

  1. Notary Public

This is the first step you should follow for your documents are allowed for apostille. It begins by signing the documents by the notary public. A simple sworn in is conducted by New York City approved notary public.

  1. Proceed to County Clerk

After your documents have been notarized, proceed to the NY county clerk’s office. He is where your notarized documents will be approved. And in case it comes with a notary problem, it will be rejected and sent back to the notary public.

  1. Department of state

 This is the final step to follow when applying for an apostille. It comprises different sections like licensing examination section administered by both NYS and apostilles. In this cool place, payments are made before your documents are apostilled. Equip yourself with money for document processing. After a long process at the state department, your documents are likely to go through.