Friday, December 8, 2023

4 Remote Islands That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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With the coronavirus pandemic coming to a close and countries reversing travel bans, the Covid-restrained travellers are all set to live unforgettable bucket-list travel experiences. From planning thrilling hiking adventures to preparing for exclusive beach holidays, globetrotters worldwide are busy scheduling their long-awaited vacation.

But as avid travellers get on with their voyages, exotic travel destinations become popular, deterring those who don’t like to visit places teeming with tourists. For such people, who wish to avoid large crowds, we have the most suitable out-of-the-way travel spots with every feature needed for memorable bucket-list travel experiences

If you want to have a phenomenal time on your next holiday adventure without being surrounded by tourist troops, include any of the following remote islands in your travel itinerary.  

Pitcairn Islands

Nestled away from the world on the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Pitcairn Islands group is part of a British Overseas Territory with a population of only 50 people. The inhabitants of this secluded landscape are the descendants of the rebels who started an uprising on the HMS Bounty in 1789. 

HMAV, or HMS Armed Vessel, was a small ship that the Royal Navy sent into the Pacific Ocean for exploration. The sailors on-board carried out a mutiny and inhabited the Pitcairn and Tahiti Islands. Therefore, those living on the Pitcairn Islands are believed to have come from the rebellious British sailors of 1789. 

Pitcairn Island is a relatively small piece of land, extending over an area of 47 kmwith the most breathtaking scenery in the Pacific. Enthralling beaches, rugged terrain, magnificent greenery, and indigenous plants are some of the noteworthy natural gems that attract visitors from far and wide. 

Situated between New Zealand and Peru, this gorgeous islet has every element that makes a location visit-worthy. However, getting there is rather challenging because the only way to Pitcairn is through the ocean on a 32-hour boat ride. If you are up for a bit of an adventure before basking in the tranquillity of this remote island, you should definitely put it on your bucket list. 

Réunion Island

If the idea of visiting a serene island surrounded by crystal-clear calm waters leaves you buzzing, you should plan a trip to Réunion Island. Part of the French Territory, Réunion Island is the lesser-known alternative to popular travel destinations like Maldives and Bora Bora. 

Surrounded by the unassuming blue water of the Indian Ocean, Réunion Island is an absolute paradise for nature lovers. It is packed with intoxicatingly thrilling trails, mighty mountains, volcanoes and dense rainforests. 

Whether you like to lose yourself in nature or prefer to capture the glorious natural features on film, Réunion Island will give you the opportunity to do both. 

But don’t forget to brush up your French before setting out for Réunion Island so that you can understand the incredibly hospitable local community there. 


If experiencing tailor-made adventure holidays is what you are after, Azores is the perfect place for you to visit. 

Travellers have different preferences; some like to view impressive architectural masterpieces, others yearn to be around nature, while some crave the adrenaline rush of exciting activities. If you belong to the group of adrenaline addicts, we suggest you plan a trip to the Portuguese archipelago, the Azores. 

The Azores offers endless recreational activities that will leave the adventurer in you wanting more. Be it snorkelling, swimming with large fish, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, or hiking, this Portuguese archipelago has everything an adventurous soul would want. And that’s not all!

When all the exhilarating adventures tire you out, you can relax on the alluring beaches and recharge yourself with delicious Portuguese delicacies such as Cozido das Furnas (a decadent stew with lots of meat and veggies), among others. Other eatables worth trying on the island include local cheese, black sausages, pineapples, cherry-red peppers, and so on. 

Concisely put, the Azores will give you an unforgettable trip if you choose to make it your next travel destination. 


Whenever travellers think of going to Greece, the first place that pops in their heads is either Santorini or Mykonos. Of course, those two have unparalleled beauty to offer, but if you are interested in exploring the less-frequented yet equally gorgeous parts of Greece, Paros is for you. 

Paros, a lesser-known Greek island, is the ideal location with similarly stunning sights and landscapes as Santorini and Mykonos. 

It is rife with quintessential whitewashed Greek buildings, mesmerising beaches, and spellbinding vistas. In short, it offers all that an island in the Cyclades should. You can experience the typical Greek holiday in Paros with its unmatched natural scenery and characteristic roadside eateries. 

Ending Thoughts

Get rid of all the pandemic negativity with a luxurious vacation on a remote island. And if you need help planning it, reach out to us today.

Whether you want exclusive beach holidays or tailor-made adventure holidays, we have the expertise to give you exactly what you need. So, contact us today and allow us to make your dream vacation a reality.